K-12 Digital Content Repository

You can use the repository below to find, share, and rate both free and paid digital content options that can be used in your K-12 classroom. Because this repository is crowd-sourced, each resource listed has been submitted by a fellow educator who believes in the value of this resource to meet the unique learning needs of K-12 students.

Keeping pedagogy at the center of your classroom

As you navigate the many content resources listed in this repository, we encourage you to consider using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) instructional framework to integrate these varied resources into your classroom. To help you get started, we’ve created a 2-page PDF that overviews the UDL framework and offers practical strategies for incorporating digital content into your curriculum in a way that is purposeful and effective for ALL learners. 

Course content is designed to prepare high school students to pass the CLEP test and earn credit for their freshman year of college.

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Free access to Michigan Virtual course content during school closures
For Students in Grades 6-12

Are you looking for ways to keep your student(s) learning during the extended school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak? For the duration of these closures, Michigan Virtual will be offering the content of over 70 of our high-quality online courses FREE to educators and parents as a resource to supplement student learning.

This course content includes all digital lessons; however, it does not include assessments and is non-credit bearing. It is intended to provide educators and parents with enrichment materials they can use to keep students engaged and learning during school closures.

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IXL offers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, real-time diagnostics, personalized guidance, and analytics. Some features are free, but most have a cost associated with the site to be able to use the resources for personalize instruction and track student progress.

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The National Geographic Classroom Resources include: lesson plans, maps, photographs, videos, infographics, activities, and reference resources. The site also contains "Featured Collections" for different grade bands on Learning from Home, Learning through Play, Learning from Explorers, Climate Change, and more.

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MI Open Book
Started in 2014 as part of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) the MI Open Book project is designed to give kids a first exposure to the content that they will learn about in their social studies courses. Funded by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), the MI Open Book resources were created by teachers from around the state who have taught their content for many years. They are edited and maintained by professionals from the field of Social Studies which include ISD consultants, university faculty, and district curriculum leaders who all have extensive background knowledge in their content. It is a true collaboration of k-12 and higher education.
How is it open?
While the MI Open Book resources are compiled into versions suitable for Chromebooks, Apple devices, and Windows machines, the source files (both in iBooks Author and InDesign) will be made available to the districts in the state for ongoing usage and customization. While central c

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Looking for Open Educational Resources (OERs)?

If you’re looking for open educational resources, check out #GoOpen Michigan, a massive library of high quality, openly-licensed educational resources curated by a dedicated network of Michigan educators.