Teacher Self-Assessment Tool & Personalized PD Playlist Generator

The rapid shift to remote teaching and learning that schools experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for schools and districts across the state to provide targeted professional learning experiences for teachers to effectively guide instruction for our students. 

In a collaborative statewide effort by REMC, MAME, and the Michigan Virtual Learning Continuity Workgroup, this free, interactive resource was produced for teachers and school administrators alike to help understand and develop the knowledge and skills needed for teaching in a remote learning environment.

Teachers and school leaders may find this web-based resource valuable as a personalized self-assessment tool to determine their degree of readiness for teaching remotely. It is a checklist-style, interactive self-assessment spanning the categories of culture, equity, and relationships; technical skills; instructional design; and providing accommodations to students in need. 

After completing the self-assessment, the tool provides personalized recommendations for professional learning resources that educators can use to develop knowledge and skills identified as growth areas through the completion of the self-assessment. While this resource is valuable in its current state, it will remain a perpetual work in progress. As more and more resources are identified to help educators grow their knowledge and skills, they will be added to this tool.